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. >> this is fox 5 news at 10. >> the final hours of the dc mayor's race and new allegations of campaigns misconduct. did it happen? and if it did, who is responsible? the candidates weigh in. >> are you ready for some football? i'm trisha thompson on the latest with the skins season opener. >> gunfire at the annual morgan day festival. police say a pitbull attacked and a dc cop was forced to shoot. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm will thomas. working the campaign trail at the festival when the pitbull
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started tangling with a poodle. police on the scene responded. karen grey houston was on the scene as it all unfolded and brings us the account of what happened out there. >> reporter: it was an orderly festival, full of people, dogs, music, food and crafts. up until two dogs, this poodle seen here with its owner, and a pitbull got into it. >> two dogs were passing by and suddenly they jump up to each other. they were fighting. >> this is the distraught owner of the pitbull who was killed. eyewitnesses say the pitbull was the aggressor. >> the pitbull started biting the owner of the dog and her bystander that was there with her. started biting them. >> bystanders tried to separate the dogs. one of them, this man, says he was bitten by the pooled. and then police got involved. >> the one issue that does not appear to be in dispute is that a police officer pulled out his weapon out here and shot and killed the dog.
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how and why it happened depends on whom you ask. >> this big guy right here, the white man there, picked up the dog very angrily and threw the dog down the steps there. and then stood at the top of the stairway there and pulled out his gun and in front of his whole crowd just fired it. >> it was a different officer that shot the dog. once one officer picked him up and threw him down in the basement, another officer standing there shot him. >> it all went down as the candidates were out campaigning for last-minute votes. mayor fenty says he was briefed by the police chief and told the officer who fired the shot is highly trained. >> the officer, in fact, is a cane nine officer. so that's probably as good as you can get someone knowing about dogs. two, that the doing was posing a significant threat. >> fenty says the chiefs told him when the dog was shot it wasn't near any people. in the district, karen grey houston, fox 5 news. some of the witnesses tell
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karen and she spoke with several out there today, they actually believe the officer was justified in shooting the pitbull. a police source familiar with the investigation tells fox 5 the officer first tried using a choking technique to render the dog unconscious. a squad car drove the injured poodle and its owner to the vet hospital where the dog is undergoing treatment tonight. >> police officers in call verity county, maryland are on alert tonight after two targeted attacks. two officer's houses were hit with gunfire some time overnight between friday and saturday. the homes are in the chesapeake ranch estates. officers are looking into what they believe may have parked this will violence. more on that coming up on the news at 11. >> the hunt continues for a murder suspect who escaped from police custody in maryland. paul brian palmer left baltimore leaving west virginia on friday. he may be travelling with the woman in a 2008 silver kia with the tag number 1ewb10.
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the vehicle is using a doughnut spare tire in place of a missing tire. just hours left for the mayor's office and the candidates are doing everything they can do to get out the votes. but while they shake hands, there is controversy swirling over claims that some early voters were promised gift cards. someone made a hidden camera video making the same allegations. the video was sent to us by a fenty supporter. but right now both candidates say they don't know who was involved and they are not sure how to respond exactly. here is more. >> well, who knows. i mean, we can't afix any responsibility. we can certainly no one in our campaign who has anything to do with any gift cards. and the person who was involved i think on the video said something about non partisan, right? >> it is my understanding the people in the giant parking lot handing out the gift certificates are affiliated with the gray campaign, whether they are paid staff, campaign volunteers, i don't know enough
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about it. but that is what i have been told as of this morning. >> reporter: the actual primary is tuesday. and it decides the race since there senta republican candidate. with the november election quickly approaching the push is on. a huge march and rally today to place on the national mall adds members of the tea party came together to walk from the white house to the u.s. capitol pushing for change. fox 5's matt aklin is following this one tonight. >> reporter: you could find americans from just about every state in the union. a long line of marry marchers who call themselves members of the tea party. a party that is hoping for sweeping change come the mid- term election. >> people are angry. they are upset. they are not going to take it anymore. >> promise me the tea party z members don't you think? >> reporter: it is clear those who came to the nation's capitol this weekend are passionate about their cause. the focus to reduce big government. they want a conservative approach to running the country in the future. in most cases, the tea party
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members are supporting the most conservative candidates and races across the country. al a veteran from michigan became emotional when he tried to tell us why he's here. >> and my grandkids, my kids. >> this is one of the rallies being held throughout the united states today. there is also one in st. louis and sacramento. in all, tens of thousands of americans are expected to be a part of these rallies. >> for the first time in my life, i have been afraid of my government. that's the reason. and i think that if we don't stand up for it, it's not going to get any better. >> the rally ended up on the west lawn of the capitol building. many who participated in sunday's event hope the passion they seek here for change will also find its way into the voting booth come november. in washington, matt aklin, fox 5 news. well, not as nice a day as
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what we've had for the last two weeks. but still it stayed dry long enough for folks at the adams day festival to take their pets and themselves out for a little bit of fun. let's check in with gwen tolbart at the wet center. we needed that rain, right? gwen? >> reporter: we definitely needed that rain, maureen. it put a little bit of a dent in the deficit for us. let's take a look he at the satellite rain composite and show you the rain that moved through today. and behind it all mainly just some cloudy skies across the area. a little bit of a clearing trend as we move into the overnight hours. look at what we are keeping a close eye on. it is a huge large powerful hurricane just churning its way through. this is hurricane igor which from this morning, into the course of this afternoon, went from a category one to a category four hurricane. unbelievable. this thing has got a huge impact with it. and temperature-wise right now, we are actually into the 6 40s pretty much everywhere.
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pretty comfortable outside. cool into the overnight hours. talking some partly cloudy skies. into the overnight see some patchy fog up to 60 degrees for the overnight low. look at the full forecast for you and that five day. we will take a little closer look at that hurricane as it rotates its way all the way through the tropics. the details are coming up. >> that looks like a big monster. thank you so much. >> season opener for the dallas cowboys. got into the all of the fans with trisha thompson. >> when we came to the crystal city sports club this time last year. there were some sad and frankly downtrodden fans. this year it's a whole other ball game. >> ♪ hail to the red skins ♪ hail victory ♪ >> for the red skins faithful a new coach makes all the difference. >> he has got a way. he has two superbowls. you've got to trust him. >> we've had a rough number of
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years so it's about time. >> reporter: but the new quarterback is still a tough sell for die hard lake dave austin. >> i think it's their year. it better be. i mean i have spent all of these years hating the eagles and mcnabb and now i got to find out tonight whether i love him or not, you know. >> oh, we're going to win. we're definitely going to win. >> reporter: cowboy fans were trying to tell us why they were willing to brave these hostile waters. >> this is my first nfl game. >> come on, look at my shirt. >> you are getting booed. >> hey, we're used to it. >> it is a fan base from everywhere from miami to san fridays to wherever. >> but the owners of crystal city sports pub say their fortunes literally ride on the success of the red skins. >> the red skins hosted the playoffs it could mean tens of thousands of dollars if they actually go to playoffs if more people come. our fan base has a lot of washington people.
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if we are doing well a lot more entertainment and a lot more people come out. if we are doing poor they just don't come out. >> so the bar hopes fans like tim are right. >> i hope we are a better team than last year. i hope we will play like we are a better team. >> in chris at city, trisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> brave for those cowboys fans to wear their jerseys, right? >> i'm telling you. how is this for a reason to stick around for ten. tax cuts for middle class americans. >> both sides of the hill may actually agree on this one. and speaking of hope, why u.s. officials believe iran is close to releasing one of the three american hikers held since july. and also ahead, 81 cents for every dollar a man easterns. the reality in our own backyard and where we stack up nationally. >> those are just some of the stories we've got as we continue right here on fox 5. get any phone free only at verizon
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. >> so what is the best way to make substantial money these days? the answer may still be real estate. of course, you have to have money first. but if you are in a position to buy a foreclosure, you are likely to make a big profit when you sell, especially if you buy in bulk, snatching up more than one property at a time can bring awe rewarding return if you wait until the market heats up to sell. >> and low and behold on the market today at $50,000 and probably trade at $35,000 to $40,000. >> it was originally $172,000? >> $132,000 less than it was purchased for. >> the market has never been so down. when you are down all you can go is up. >> the hottest market for bulk buying is miami that was left after a glut of empty condos after the market crashed. they are fighting when it
10:15 pm
comes to the bush era tax cuts. some say it's a sign that republicans might not be standing in the way of middle class tax relief after all. fox's julie kurtz has the story. >> there is an opening for negotiations on tax cuts. less than two months before the mid terms he is willing to talk about tax cuts deal and phase out the tax cuts for the wealth yes, sir americans, those making $250,000 a veer. >> if the only vote i have is for $250,000 and below of course i am going to do that. but i will do whatever i can to extend the current tax rates for all americans. >> so he said what president obama said next week that extending the tax cuts for middle class americans should be a starting point for a debate on tax cuts. the president's chief economic advisor austin goolsby welcomes
10:16 pm
the new stance. he is also emphasizing the white house view that the very well off in this country don't need a tax break but middle class americans do. >> the press strongly believes that you cannot, after the decade of an outstanding squeeze on the middle class, that was followed by the worst recession in our lifetime since 1929, that is -- we cannot afford to raise taxes on the middle class. we should make that permanent. >> asking about the recovery summer that never was they can expect to see the high unemployment rate to continue for some time, currently 9.6%. he says he isn't sure what the unemployment rate will be at the end of the year. in washington julie kurtz fox news. california governor arnold schwarzenegger hopes he is going to find some funding for his cash strapped state. it is a fact finding mission. he tested out the new high-
10:17 pm
speed train lanes. he is trying to get them to help finance our own high-speed trains. >> in greece protestors are angry over the inability to reduce the threats. a man threw his shoes at greece. they avoided bankruptcy in may in greece. several new stop on the brokered deal. fox's peter december looks at the challenges up ahead. press obama is urging palestinian and israeli leaders to help each other successfully map out a peace agreement. >> the two parties need each other. that doesn't mean it's going to work. ultimately it is going to be up to them. >> reporter: after a meeting in washington, d.c. they will travel to egypt for the next round of negotiations. world leaders, including
10:18 pm
secretary of state hillary clinton and special enjoy george mitchell will attend. >> it calls for all leaders, including the palestinians, to be there in the room and make bold decisions. >> make points of contention include the palestinian demand for israel to freeze new housing construction in the west bank. >> that gives the israelis the right to decide which blocks they would not withdraw from rather than negotiate. >> israeli officials say construction will move forward on a limited basis as the talks continue. >> we are talking about families who live there. families that grew up and now they need more rooms. they need more classes for their children. >> netan yahu says peace hinges on how palestinians are willing to define israel. >> peace arrangement, peace agreement is based first of all on the recognition of israel as a jewish state. >> we will not discuss the jewish state. it was never part of any discussion before. >> from egypt, talks move to jerusalem for another day of
10:19 pm
negotiating. next week back to the united states. in new york, perduesy, fox news. >> iran now says they will release an american hiker but only if she posts half a million u.s. in bail. sarah shore was set to be released as a sign of compassion at the end of the holy month of ramadan. reportedly ill and gotten no medical attention. she and two friends have been in an iranian jail accused of spying after accidentally crossing from iraq to iran during a hike. stopping suspects with non- lethal weapons. more and more law enforcement agents are using them. but are they safe? from gas grenades to bean bag shot guns, we are taking you inside the only facility that actually tests them. >> and equal pay for equal work? not so much in one state in our region. we are going to show you who is not giving women their dues. [ male announcer ] have something you love doing?
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the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ . >> there is only one facility in all of america that tests non-lethal weapons used by law
10:23 pm
enforcement. the point is to make sure that they perform as advertised. fox's orlando salinas goes inside for the story. wore. >> reporter: whoa, that one blew up in the about gun. that wasn't supposed to happen. >> one of the essentially actually exploded in the barrel which we are fortunate we didn't fire another one because that one partially ejected some of its payload. the next one would have hit that, stuck and blown up in the middle. >> reporter: the weapons and equipment research institute in fort myers, florida is the only private facility in america that test exclusively non- lethal weapons used by law enforcement. like shotgun fired bean bags. shot and a whole lot more. the department of alcohol, tobacco and firearms issues licenses to make weapons. but no federal agency tests less than lethal weapons to make sure they work as advertised before police use them on the streets.
10:24 pm
>> i could make weapons in my garage and sell them. and if i have good marketing, people will buy them no matter how bad they are. >> reporter: weri pays fuel retail for all of the products it tests. much like consumer reports. and it is funded by and reports its findings to the national institute of justice. >> go ahead. >> reporter: the weapons equipment research institute is one of very few facilities here in the united states that actually tests the weapons and tests the munitions used by law enforcement. but the whole point is to make sure that these weapons work as advertised. reputable weapons manufacturers on their own test over and over. and say third party evaluations are a good idea. >> i think it's a valuable resource. it's a valuable service. ultimately the responsibility is on the manufacturer to meet
10:25 pm
the applications and the performance specs of that particular product. >> in fort myers, orlando sali nas, fox news. >> not exactly twice the work for half the pay. >> but women are still earning less than men in many jobs. show you which one and which state in the region ranks among the worst. cutting the school week from five days to four days. the controversial move to save jobs and money. but some are asking at what cost? we will be right back. [ music ] 
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 . fox 5 is brought to you b oval.  . >> this is fox 5 news at 10. >> virginia's workers earn more than their counterparts in many other states across the country. but a new report says even when men and women are doing the exact same jobs in the commonwealth, women are earning less. 81 cents for every dollar a guy earns. as fox 5's jennifer davis
10:29 pm
reports the gender gap is the 14th higher in the country and higher than the national gap as well. >> reporter: women are celebrated at the dairy god mother in delray. >> thank you. >> they are working in all parts of the popular frozen custard shop which is owned by and named after a woman. >> i didn't think about it that way when i first started out. but yes, i am the dairy god mother. >> reporter: liz davis is proud to say there is no gender gap at her operation. but not shocked to hear there is a big one outside her store. >> i am not surprised at that gap. i think it will continue to improve and improve as time goes by. >> reporter: according to a new report women in virginia earn an average of 81 cents for every dollar that men earn. that difference is larger than in most other states. >> for the same job, they ought to get the same pay. >> reporter: but they don't. the commonwealth institute says the hourly wage gap between the sexes in virginia in 2008 was $3.59. for the merely median income that works out to a difference
10:30 pm
of nearly $16,000 a year. >> disappointing as a woman. >> reporter: the report found men and women working in construction had the same median income but other industries didn't fair so well. >> i think the restaurant business is one of the places where there is quite a gap. >> reporter: according to this report that's true. men made more than women in restaurants in the food service industry, as well as in healthcare fields, at elementary and secondary schools and at colleges. the gap is especially visible in computer fields where men earned an average of $89,820 compared to $64,000 for women. the cause, experts say experience and education do play a role. discrimination does, too. >> i don't really believe that it's conscious. i think that it takes a really long time to completely work through the kind of gap that we have had. >> reporter: that gap does not exist at the dairy god mother where most managers are women. davis knows that's not the case everywhere. >> that is beyond my control. i can only take care of my
10:31 pm
little kingdom. >> reporter: but she said it sure would be sweet if others followed suit. >> is everybody ready to order here? >> jennifer davis, fox 5 news. the report out of richmond's commonwealth institute says virginia's gender gap has been reduced since the early 2000s. did they not look at the gender gap in maryland or dc. >> dc's teachers are learning more about how they can qualify for performance based raises. they may be eligible for a $25,000 one-time bonus. but if they keep that ranking for two years in a row they could get a $26,000 annual raise. 16% of dc's teachers were ranked highly effective during the last school year. the school districts all over the country have struggled to cut costs. but one georgia county found a way to do it without sacrificing teachers. instead they only have school five days a week. we see exactly how it works.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: dark classrooms, deserted hallways and the only sound on a monday at byron middle school is a ticking clock. welcome to the latest trend in cutting school budgets. administrators in peach county, georgia, cut the school week to four days last year. it was a last resort. but cutting costs by closing on mondays helped save 40 teachers. >> no one is in the building so you don't have lights. you don't have the transportation. you don't have nutrition. >> reporter: peach county isn't alone. at least 120 school districts in 17 days have cut school weeks to save money. >> we brainstormed every single possibility that we could think of and put a dollar amount next to it. >> reporter: the four-day school week here in peach county isn't just saving money. it's also producing results. district officials tell us students' performance and attendance is up. >> we cut our substitute teacher costs by two-thirds.
10:33 pm
teacher attendance, obviously, increased significantly. >> reporter: monday isn't just a day off for students. they have extra school work to keep them busy. and working parents say community programs offering free daycare helped make it a success. >> the community offered different locations, like the church and the boys and girls clubs to actually help accommodate the parents for daycare. >> the administration did a great job of stressing to people that, hey, we are going four days now. and so make your doctor's appointments on monday. make your dentist appointments on monday. do things that make sure that the kids show up as often as they can. >> reporter: in bad economic times, schools across the country are being forced to re- think the traditional school schedule. for peach county, it's one less day at a time. in byron, georgia, elizabeth pran, fox news. tonight we are learning more about last week's deadly pipeline explosion in california. coming up here on the 10, why investigators say the pipeline had been categorized as high
10:34 pm
risk before the explosion. wildlife officials have shut down two lucrative fisheries in alaska. why they say they had to do it in order to save a population of sea-lions. >> and mother nation served us up exactly what we needed today. rainfall now pushed its way all off. behind it some cloudy skies. but a ridge of high pressure is building in. what does that mean for your workweek? i will have the answers and have a look at that all- important five day. those answers back right after the break. it's time for a mayor who will end the cronyism and bring our city together.
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vince gray. his economic development plan will help expand small businesses and create jobs. his record of reform and accomplishments earned him the praise of newspapers across the city, citing gray's leadership and efforts to pass education reform and expand early childhood education. vince gray -- he cares. he listens. he'll be a leader we can trust and the mayor we need for one city.
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. so what did you have for dinner? how about 47burritos, that is what gentlemeny chestnut wolfed down at the new mexico state fair. he is one of the world's most successful competitors eaters. he showed everyone exactly why. he managed to eat all of those in ten minutes. earning him $1500. >> and all of those contests that earned him the name jaws appropriately. >> after burritos it might earn
10:38 pm
him another nickname. >> we don't want to stink up our newscast. >> not intentionally but the cowboys just scored a touchdown so i was going to say the red skins were up 10-0 but now they are up 10-6. >> can i make an observation this game has been less than spectacular. kind of boring. >> haven't been able to score on offense yet. but dangel low hoff came up with on important move. >> the double header and a chance to get a look at the eagles and the giants. last season the red skins 0-6 in the division. that may not be the case this year as the giants went back and forth with the panthers. and the eagles didn't buy the injury bug. here are the eagles against the packers. it was a tough opener for the qb cob taken down by clay matthews. he was diagnosed half-time with a concussion. packers up 20-10. aaron rogers stops back and hooks up with greg jennings for the 32-yard td. green bay is up 27-10.
10:39 pm
and then two minutes left in the game, eagles down seven with the 4th and one. michael vick the new qb holds on for the win. green bay's first win in philly since 1962. justin tech's giants hosting the panthers in the first regular season nfl game at the new meadowlands stadium. manning at the end-zone hits the two and mixed for the 19- yard score. the second td up the day for nick. giants up 13-19. manning off the play face, another touchdown pass to nick. second year whiteout finishes with four catches, three of those for tds. the giants win 31-18. former red skins quarterback jason campbell making his raiders debut on the road against the titans. and jason didn't have a day to remember. he was sacked four times, fumbled twice. and also threw an interception. limited to just 180 yards passing. titans rough up campbell and the raiders 38-13. switching gears, looking to
10:40 pm
avoid a sweep at the hands of the marlins. top of the third the fish lead 3-2. he connects off zimmerman for his second homerun of the game. a two run shot zimmermane goes three innings and allows four earned runs. the nationals fall 6-5. they season 5-13 against the florida marlins series. the redskins lead the cowboys right now 10-7 late in the third quarter. more nfl highlights from week one coming up on sports extra. plus a little usa basketball as they go for their first world championship in 16 years. >> thanks. so weird seeing jason campbell in raider's gear. >> yes, i was really hoping he would have a good game and a good debut but sounds like more of the same for that poor guy. >> thanks, lindsay. >> yes, the potomac is coming a big rebound. the river is on the rebound and we took our cameras to the banks of the river to find out if it's true. stay with us.
10:41 pm
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. we are learning more about last week's deadly gas pipeline explosion in california. federal and state investigators say the section of that pipeline that exploded causing this was categorized as high risk because it ran through a very populated area. but some good news to report tonight. many residents displaced can finally return home. fox's claudia cowan has the latest from san brown, california. >> for those whose homes were not badly damaged they are gathering here in san bruno to be escorted back to their homes. they will be met at their property by utility personnel to make sure it is safe to turn on the power, help restore pilot lights and things like that. tomorrow city officials plan to meet separately with those victims whose homes were completely destroyed and give them special assistance, including am crisis counselling to help them on their feet. three and a half days after the disaster officials can't say
10:45 pm
how many people are killed and how many are still missing. the death toll stands at four. though more remains were found overnight. forensic testing is being done to help identify those remains. the pipeline exploded and landed in the street after causing a crater. that segment was ranked high risk because of its proximity to so many homes. many residents say they had no idea that pipeline was even there. now the area around that crater is a crime scene and the probe a criminal investigation. they have to find the cause of the explosion first. so it is deemed a crime scene just simply because there are some questions there. and also they have obviously, four individuals that are dead, the cadaver dogs have hit on a couple of other things on the site. so you just have to handle it that way. >> while many residents are getting to resume their lives at home, this he face a long road ahead because this is not just a physical restructuring but a mental restructuring as
10:46 pm
well. every time they look out the window and see a scene of total devastation. but this community is strong and resilient. they are getting a lot of help from federal and state agencies. and the mayor says that, in time, that neighborhood will be rebuilt. in san bruno, california, claudia cowan, fox news. >> fire officials have sword evacuated an area. the fire has so far burned about a square mile but officials say it is threatening buildings and structures. well, close to our area certainly got some much needed rain. but it certainly wasn't enough to make up the deficit we've been having. >> definitely. even speaking about those wildfires, you know, just a week or so ago that we had a wild flyer threat as well in our area because of conditions just being so dry out there. >> usually saying rain, rain go away. >> but we need it. >> we kind of needed it. >> absolutely went more than 18 days without rainfall. >> wow.
10:47 pm
>> take a look outside right now. you know, we did get the rain today. as maureen said we did not get as much as we really needed to help with the deficit. we will take whatever we can get at this point. mother nature gave us a little bit of help. the farmers out there desperately need it. we are glad that we did what we did get. clouds outside and a little bit of fog. it will pick up a little into the overnight hours and more into the morning. the weekend so far starting out great. take a look. plenty of sunshine for the week ahead. temperatures will stick around near seasonal. we have got a major hurricane to talk about. igor has totally intensified very rapidly into the course of today. changes coming late week in the forecast as well. so speaking about that rainfall, we were really glad to get as i mentioned the rain we did get across the area. we could have used more. it moved its way through over the course of the early hours of this morning. lingered a little bit with drizzle into the afternoon hours or so. overnight we did have the odd thunderstorm here or there. not a whole lot in terms of the
10:48 pm
thunderstorms though. we did get some. some pockets of heavier rainfall as well. right now left behind with some mainly some clouds. even those clouds are starting to clear out fairly quickly. here is a look at some of the rain totals today. more than half an inch at national airport. didn't quite make that for dulles. baltimore got an inch plus for annapolis. take a look at hagerstown and martinsburg less than half an inch of rainfall there. let's hope we at least get a little bit more of that. we could see more of that as we look at the five day forecast a little later in the week because we need it. 73 degrees at national airport. a little bit cooler at baltimore at 68. and 72 at dulles. hopefully everyone i said take a jacket to that football game did. dulles kicking in at 63. but take a look at this. this is hurricane igor. and it is just rotating rapidly into the tropics here. it is actually has intensified
10:49 pm
very rapidly. this morning when i worked it was a category one. by the time the afternoon came a very powerful large category four hurricane. look how well defined this eye is. now, as far as it's concerned it has a chance of intensifying once again up to a possible category 5 hurricane. it is moving to the northwest at 4 miles per hour now. so not moving that quickly. take a look at wednesday's forecast brings it up to a category 5 before it starts to weaken again. the thing about this is it could fluctuate in terms of the eye wall. become disorganized. it is very possible. really not a very concrete call for it. so there is a chance that it could weaken even as opposed to strengthening into a category 5 before it is all said and done. we will just have to watch it. no threats to land anywhere. that's some good news. >> a nice ridge of high pressure building in. no shortage of sunshine for you. temperatures near seasonal. we have got a dry cold front that will move through as we head into tuesday. and then thursday another ridge of high pressure. and then late week a low pressure system. it looks like that could be
10:50 pm
another chance of rain for us. we will keep an eye on that. in the meantime for tonight partly cloudy and cool and patchy fog in the overnight hours. 36 degrees. then in tomorrow morning starting out with a little bit of patchy fog for your morning commute. a very light westerly wind. here is a look at that all important five day forecast for you. a row of suns right across that board pretty much until we hit friday. that's what it looks like we could get our next chance of rainfall a low pressure system to keep an eye on. so hopefully a little bit more of that much needed rain. but in the meantime very pleasant, dry, sunny and temperatures as i said close to seasonal. >> a good looking week. >> not bad at all. >> thanks, gwen. >> this one didn't happen overnight but the change is dramatic. that's what scientists are saying about the cleanup of the potomac river. a new study indicates the once horribly polluted river is making a come back. >> reporter: chip johnson grew up on the river. >> 30 years ago i went down and started sailing.
10:51 pm
there was no swimming here. >> reporter: johnson remembers the river was so polluted you couldn't see much. >> no clarity. you put your hand in the water and it disappeared. >> he runs a sailing school at the bell haven school in alexander. he says the water is clearer and they are constantly fighting with sea grass. >> in all of the boats and in the way of all of our sailors but the biggest blessing this river has ever seen. >> biologists say he is right about those plants. >> they are the base after balanced ecosystem. >> and there is a dramatic change. biologist nancy rivicki worked on a study for the u.s. geological study. she says vegetation has double in the 50 miles of the study. >> that tells me that the water quality is improving and that these plants are able to get the light they need. they are growing on the bottom of the river. and they need good water clarity in order to survive. >> she attributes much of the improvement to federal regulations that forced the
10:52 pm
blue plains, waste water plant to reduce the amount of nitrogen that ended up in the river. >> this study is by no means that everything on the potomac is picture perfect. in fact, there is still a long way to go. and even some new chemicals that may be creating dangers, things you can't even see. >> our toxic chemical laws in this country are way out of date. there are some efforts to try to improve those right now. but it's a long haul. >> scientists are finding male fish in the potomac with eggs in their reproductive systems. chemicals from industry even even cosmetics could be to preliminary a sign that those who enjoy the potomac could also be hurting it. fox 5 news. >> a lucrative business is being shut down in alaska as wildlife officials fear the extinction of a species of sea- lions. scientists cannot say for sure that commercial fishing is the reason endangered stellar sea- lions have declined 45% this
10:53 pm
decade but there is evidence it could be a factor. that's why the national marine fisheries service has recommended the drastic step of closing down two well established fisheries. >> the endangered species act is driving this bus. the endangered seys act specifically puts the burden on the government of protecting the endangered species. the burden of proof favors the listed specie it is. >> alaska's governor is going to challenge the government who is deciding to close the two fisheries in january of next year. >> why you see it? the perfect way to ends beach season. sand artists from all over the world coming to washington state for the sand skulling sand championship. these are mastiff trying to create the best work in 56 hours. they work in cycles so the contest actually goes on until october 3rd. this is the first time ever it has been held in the u.s. usually it's in b.c., canada.
10:54 pm
>> wow, some beautiful stuff. >> so he is one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. >> we are talking about a different will. >> come on. that was a perfect queue for this. we are talking about prince william. did you hear about this one? >> yes. essay airportly going to tie the knot very soon. details of a royal wedding from when to where and even las vegas bookies are taking bets. are you blushing, gwen? she looked that one, maureen. the target police officers who investigators believe is behind all of the violence as well. we have got that one for you as well. fiber one chewy bar.
10:55 pm
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10:57 pm
. lady gaga decided to make a statement? store of gay rights at mtv music award. she walked the carpet with members of the service members
10:58 pm
legal defense network working to repeal the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. the men with gaga here are members of that group. and washington, d.c. residents mike olmie was discharged in 2006. he testified in the federal challenge to don't ask, don't tell. with gaga is david hall an air staff sergeant also discharged under the policy. >> wedding bells may soon be ringing for that other will, prince william and kate middleton. >> but when and where the wedding will take place has everyone with different predictions. fox's aimly kill log has more. >> reporter: it is widely expected that prince william will marry kate middleton but when? magazines are already choosing her dress. and royal commentators are speculating about the venue. >> i think it will be at windsor in the st. george's chapel because it's less disruptive to have it outside of london. >> a lead being london bookie has already stopped taking bets on the year of the wedding.
10:59 pm
odds are firmly on 2011. now just down to what month in that year the wedding will take place. royal experts say if it doesn't happen in 2011 the most likely year will be 2013 because 2012 is full of high profile events from the queen's key diamond jubilee to the olympics. betting on sunny honeymoon venues. >> kate has told friends in the past that if she could choose anywhere or do anything on her hoon honeymoon then perhaps a safari is what she wanted to do. outside of that las vegas to florida and disneyland at 250/1. >> a royal wedding is of course about more than flowers and invites. >> she needs a written document from the queen saying that she is content with the person he is choosing to marry. >> reporter: the british press has labeled middleton weighty katy but she can't go out into the world to work bus the paparazzi hound her. she does photographer for her

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